Lexi Miller


I am naturally a curious human being. I spend most of my time asking why or how to any and every topic presented to me. I value critical thinking. I tend to reflect on differentiating opinions/ideas and this directly affects the art directions I pursue. Naturally I gravitate towards tangible artistic mediums as physically holding things means a lot me. Depending on my mood (and the project at hand) - i’ll be an art director, painter, photographer, curator, videographer etc.

I spend most of my time recruiting/glorifying other women in STEM (science/tech/engineering/mathematics) related careers on the fight to demand equality. I have a strange fascination with the way technology has influenced our social behavior and the way the millennial species interact as humans now. If you overhear me talking...99.9% of time it’ll be about the internet’s glitz and glory, cyber-aesthetics, bitcoin and how capitalism ruined cryptocurrencies, statues, mona lisa, or some sketch conspiracy that creeps everyone out. Sorry.